Our Aims

Communication is an essential element of any young persons’ development. Our staff will always identify and use a childs’ individual and preferred means of communication when interacting with them.

Our aim is to continue building and developing these skills, incorporating them into all areas of the curriculum and activities that the young people are engaged in.

Beyond the classroom we believe that every opportunity should be given to our young people to practise what they have learned in school in real life situations and settings.

Newlands Hey Jack

We encourage our young people to take an active part in the local community, accessing the networks available in the surrounding areas.

Our school aims to foster self-esteem, mutual respect and trusting relationships, whilst promoting contact within the school with parents and significant others.

We ensure equality of opportunity irrespective of gender, race, disadvantage or disability.

We aim to provide our pupils with an education that will meet their individual, intellectual, interpersonal and social needs, fostering independence and preparation for a full and active life.