What We Offer

Our school offers an Autism Friendly structured environment based on the National Autistic Society’s SPELL Framework. We use gentle person-centred, individual approaches to supporting our young people to be happy, productive and empowered to more fully participate in their future adult lives.

Our curriculum is flexible and bespoke to each individual and addresses their Communication, Flexibility of Thought and Social Behaviour needs, in addition to a fully adapted individualised National Curriculum provision.

Rhys 2

We access a range of learning activities within our local community that includes regular trips swimming in local pools, recycling, Sport Centres, Museums, Sea Life Centre, Safari Park where this suits the interests of a young person.

Our team of staff are highly committed and skilled in supporting young people with a Autism Spectrum Condition to have a happy school day!

Speech and Langague Therapy

Our Autism specialist Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) designs individual programmes for each young person to help develop their communication skills. Each young person will have access to ‘Alternative Methods of Communication’ that may include PECS, Social Stories, Visual Timetables or prompts or Makaton. These will be developed individually
All learners at Newlands Hey School will have a sensory assessment if required. An individual Sensory Diet will be professionally developed to support the young person’s sensory needs.


16 – 19+ STUDY

Our young people will have the opportunity to continue their individual programme of learning based on their individual learning needs. The focus will be on communication, numeracy and full Preparation for Adult life.

Each individual pupil will have their own access to Independent Advice and Guidance for their future adult life. In the year that it is planned that they are leaving Newlands Hey School a person centred MAP / PATH can be organised to sign post the directions available for the pupils.