We make our learning as enjoyable and meaningful as possible for each young person. We also try to incorporate opportunities for generalisation of any new learning into the young person’s daily life in the wider community to help develop functional skills.

Newlands Hey School offers an individual bespoke curriculum for each young person that is based on their partial learning need. Taking into consideration the pupil’s cognitive level, interests and learning styles an interesting and engaging programme of study is developed for the young person. For young learners still of statutory school age a differentiated National Curriculum will form the basis of all learning.

When personalising and differentiating our curriculum offer to each learner we are aiming to make all their learning –






We also offer ASDAN qualifications and AQA Unit Awards to celebrate individual achievement.

In addition to our academic offer, we also promote young people learning in ‘Preparation for Adult Life’, Independence and Communication.

Each young person will also have a Physical Development programme designed to support their growth and maintain their wellbeing and health.