About Us

About Us

Rob Gillespie:

Idem Living has been a project I started making several years ago. I wanted to create an environment that supported and cared for people and allowed each person involved in Idem to grow and realise their potential. I want to work in a company that offers real equality for all. An organisation that values each person, paid otherwise and offers them the opportunity to be creative. We are making a difference to people each day; we allow people to change the narrative of their lives.

Andy Palmer:

I met Rob a little over four years ago and it was after much soul searching that we decided to combine our thoughts and energy to create this project. There was a common set of beliefs and values that seemed to be coming out of our conversations. With the best part of fifty years experience between us,  we have both seen the positives and negative aspects of residential support to young people.

We had met some amazing young people along the way and see the time they have spent being cared and supported for as forming an important part of the story in their growing up. As such this place an important responsibility to make sure that anything that we created was of the very best we could create. We know we won’t always get it right, however we will always want to and when things go wrong we believe it is important to stick our hands up, put it right and learn from mistakes.

Being creative and standing up for the rights of young people forms an important part of of who we are. We don’t believe in fitting people into boxes and sometimes that means standing for what is right and not simply what is expected; everyone is unique. Whatever the story and however difficult the challenges are we believe it to be a fundamental right for young people to believe in themselves and be all that they can be. Change is probably the only certainty in life and choice form an important part of deciding what you want to change. We believe that providing opportunities to help make choices helps create an environment for positive change.

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